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The Hegau denotes a hilly landscape characterized by the sight of nine conical, inactive volcanoes - hence the name "the Lord 's skittles game". The Hohentwiel, the king of the Hegau volcanoes, stands above Singen. It houses the largest German fortress ruin with a total area of ​​9.92 hectares. On the Hohentwiel History trail you can discover the most interesting parts of the fortress, and Hohentwiel is a good starting point for hikes to explore more Hegau mountains - Experience the volcanic and medieval castles around Singen.

After the visit to our volcano, enjoy local wines at a wine tasting at the vineyard Vollmayer at the bottom of Hohentwiel, of course made from vines on the slopes of Hohentwiel.

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MAC Museum Art & Cars

Italian summer in the MAC Museum Art & Cars: MAuTo meets Mondazzi. Contemporary Italian art and vintage curiosities. Shows rare vintage cars from the national automobile museum in Italy. (MAuTo), combined with works by Italian contemporary artist Marcello Mondazzi. The MAuTo Turin presents seven vehicles on a loan, all of them true rarities. Artistic centerpiece of the exhibition is Mondazzis sculpture "Car of Remembrance".

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Hegau-Museum Singen

Established in 1930, the Hegau-Museum near the Singen Town Hall is today one of the largest regional museums of Prehistory and Early History of Baden-Württemberg. In a total of 13 rooms 15,000 years of human history of the region are presented. In addition to an extensive collection of archaeological findings from various excavations in Hegau, you get the opportunity to admire the most valuable pieces of the paleontological collection of the famous pastor of Ipping and scholar Joseph Keller as well as an interesting butterfly and beetle collection.

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Art museum Singen

The in 2014 modernized Art Museum of Singen focuses on the presentation of modern and contemporary art from the four-country region of Lake Constance. With approximately 1,000 square meters visitor and exhibition space, we have become one of the largest municipal art museums on the German side of Lake Constance!

What to expect? Periodically, we show you the artists of Höri - those painters of classical modernism, who lived and worked on the Lake Constance Peninsula Höri from 1933. Works by Max Ackermann, Otto Dix, Erich Heckel, Curth Georg Becker, Helmuth Macke, Jean Paul Schmitz, Walter Herzger and many more are in our collection. Our second focus is to provide current, contemporary art from the Lake Constance region. In addition, we present artists from the German Southwest, landscapes of Lake Constance and the Hegau since 1900 or international artists. All this we show you in regularly changing thematic or monographic exhibitions. We therefore offer new insights into the art of the four-country region of Lake Constance and the Southwest Germany from 1900 until today.

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Mainau Island

Certainly one of the most beautiful destinations on Lake Constance, is the island Mainau close to Constance. Throughout the summer the flower island blooms with seasonal flowers, be it tulips, crocuses or daffodils. The tropical house offers a tropical atmosphere all year round, from the beginning of the season until the beginning of May, it turns into a sea of orchid flowers. In the butterfly house you can watch 40 tropical butterfly species without interruptions and at close range. The castle Mainau, built in the Baroque style, is also worth a visit.

Immerse yourself in the fantastic culture and flora of the island Mainau.

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Stilt houses, Unteruhldingen

In the Stilt House Museum in Unteruhldingen you experience how the people of the Stone Age and the Bronze Age lived - discover human history in the period 4000-850 BC.! A total of 14 replicas of the stilt houses in scale 1: 1 bring the past closer, experienced guides provide information on all aspects of everyday life in Stone and Bronze Ages.

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Meersburg Castle

Meersburg Castle was built in the 7th century and is considered the oldest inhabited castle in Germany. Its striking view overlooking Lake Constance makes it one of the landmarks of Lake Constance, and is always worth a visit. At the end of the 19th century the castle was made available to the public. Walking through the picturesque castle gardens and the bastion sets you back to past centuries. A total of 30 rooms are open to visit, including the premises where the famous poet Annette von Droste-Hülshoff lived and worked until her death in 1848.

But not only the Meersburg Castle, also the New Castle and the town of Meersburg with its southern flair is worth a visit!

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Explore Singen and the Hegau by bike!
biking in singen

We offer our guests free bike rentals- explore our town and the surrounding area by bike. Even Lake Constance can be reached within a short ride. Bikes and directions are available at the front desk.

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