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Future needs roots and that is something the Best Western Hotel Lamm has. Many guests ask about the history of the place, which Diana & Heinz Stärk and family already in 1991 ran with love and passion and which is still constantly being improved. For three generations the family Stärk has been hosts with heart.

The restaurant Lamm Stüble was completely remodeled, equipped with air conditioning and renamed CupClub - Bar & Lounge. The breakfast room was also equipped with air-conditioning. Reception and floor corridors were renovated and made chic.

The modernization measures go further: the public toilets in the basement as well as the staircase are appearing in a new light and modern design since the beginning of the year. In addition, our guests now enjoy the comfort safes in all room types.

Paving of our hotel's parking lot and added security features such as a barrier system and installation of video surveillance.

Modernization of 27 additional bathrooms and renovation of a total of 37 guest rooms, so that all of our guest rooms now are in an inviting, contemporary design.

Renovation of bathrooms in 10 rooms which in addition were equipped with modern spa showers. In addition, equipment of all hotel rooms with modern 32 '' - LCD color televisions with cable and 130 TV channels. Also our new locking system for guest rooms complying with international standards.

Renovation and redesign of seven comfort rooms and furnishing the suite.

Modernization of the front desk and the reception area and redesigning the façade, as well as dissolution of the rooms Hohentwiel, Hohenkrähen and Mägdeberg as function rooms and their conversion into a modern restaurant with a solid integrated buffet. The restaurant business has since then moved back into its own management. The breakfast area draws from the rooftop garden to the ground floor in the newly designed restaurant area.

Connecting the Hotel Lamm to the Best Western group. Best Western Hotels are a global quality community and cooperation. Your benefits are special and certified quality management and the ability to collect Hotel Miles and Rewards Points that can be redeemed for free nights or free flights.

Renovation of part of the guest rooms and renovation of corridors incl. Equipping them with new carpets. Also set up a free Internet terminal for guests at the front desk and configuration of Wi-Fi in the entire property.

Complete remodeling of the kitchen.

Upgrading to new information technology, including ISDN PBX with additional S0 Davenport (Internet) and wake up calls in the rooms with voice mail.

Major overhaul of convention and function rooms Hohentwiel, Hohenkrähen and Mägdeburg and replacing ventilation with a heat recovery system, also in the restaurant and in the kitchen.

The roof garden café is renovated and converted into a breakfast room with about 60 seats. The restaurant operation and the function rooms are leased.

Refurbishment of rooms in the south wing: In a record time of just 8 weeks water, heating, electrical, windows, doors and furniture are, among other things, brought up to date... In the following years until today the hotel rooms including furniture and the corridors were and are constantly being renovated.

The modern technology was introduced to the traditional hotel: Hotel-EDV and the telephone system are put into operation. In addition, the convention center Tiffany is expanded.

Heinz-Oskar Stärk is the third generation to take over the Hotel Lamm.

Addition of the west wing, by which an expansion to 79 rooms and 200-seater restaurant was done.

Karlheinz Stärk is the second generation to take over the hotel and the restaurant. With the generation change, the image of the Hotel Lamm changes again. The old building is dismantled down to the 3rd floor and subsequently increased the 6th floor. Through the annex the Hotel Lamm now has a total of 63 rooms and further 165 seats in the restaurant.

Addition of the south wing, whereby the capacity of the Hotel Lamm is increased to 45 rooms and 165 seats in the restaurant. At the same time the 5th floor roof garden cafe is established.

Second expansion, the Hotel Lamm now has 24 rooms and 125seats in the restaurant.

First expansion of the building.

In June 1939, Margarete and Oskar Stärk acquire the building. The Hotel Lamm is opened already on 25 October 1939, with 24 rooms and 95 restaurant seats.

1907 - 1908
Construction of the building.

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